Pressure Washing pressure cleaning service

                                                                                                                                    We have a variety of cleaning services to cover your personal or corporate needs. They are offered at different frequencies, ranging from one time to daily to monthly packages; and these services come with their different prices and discounts.
We offer personalized services to individual customers as their instructions are well followed in all projects.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

After years of use, carpets become more difficult to be cleaned simply by regular domestic cleaning. Carpets can harbor dirt and bacteria which are bad for the look of your floor and more importantly, your health. We can operate in your home or take your carpets out to deliver the best deep cleaning that will not only leave them looking cleaner but will also increase their durability. We offer both hot water extraction and dry cleaning method for carpet cleaning. In hot water extraction, our high-end machines will deliver hot water mixed with cleaning solution into the carpet to loosen stubborn dirt from deep within the fibers to make them come out easily during extraction. This requires use of plenty of water and will not be preferable to many because it takes a long time to dry and can wrinkle/shrink the original fiber carpets. The dry cleaning option which involves using special machines will clean your carpet deeply without involving so much liquid. Our deep carpet cleaning service will:
• remove stains, dirt and bacteria
• improve appearance of carpets

Restaurant Cleaning

Keeping your restaurant clean and up to the industry standards is one of the cornerstones of success for any good restaurant. It will increase the comfort of the customers because no one wants to eat in a dirty place. It will also drastically reduce and possibly eliminate any events of food poisoning that may occur due to contaminated food or preparing meals in unsanitary environments. Let your staff focus on providing exceptional culinary services and keeping your customers happy while Elite Janitorial cleaning Services takes care of the cleaning of your restaurant. It is not possible to run a booming restaurant and clean the place at the same time but you need to keep standards up to the required code for maintaining happy customers.
Elite Management Janitorial Services will:
• Wash restaurant floors
• Pressure wash restaurant exterior
• Wax floors
• Sanitize bathrooms
• Clean exhaust fans
• remove stains, dirt and bacteria

• improve appearance of carpets

Ceramic Tile floors – Cleaning and Sealed

1. Pre-Condition
First, we apply a pre-conditioner specifically made for the type of surface we are cleaning. For example, for marble we use a mild alkaline-based cleaner since an acid-based cleaner could etch the surface of the tiles. An acid-based cleaner is necessary, however to remove soap buildup on ceramic tiles.

2. Agitation
We scrub the grout and s using a brush to release built-up soils. The main agitation is provided by our high-speed rotary cleaning machine which uses brushes to suspend and release soil.

3. Clean and Rinse
The rotary cleaning machine both agitates and rinses the tiles. It is attached to our truck-mounted steam cleaning unit, providing water at temperatures of 230 degrees and simultaneously removing all soil and water from the floor. The tile dries within a matter of minutes and can be walked on immediately.

4. Seal
All hard surface floors need to be sealed to prevent permanent staining. For ceramic tiles, we use water-based grout sealer. For stone floors, we use either water-based or solvent-based sealers, depending on the type of stone and traffic level.

Removing carpet and pad before pet odor cleanup

We strip and wax VCT floors too!

Q. How much does it cost?

A. We offer the cleaning service for $0.50 per square foot. Sealing the floor can ranges between $0.50 and $3.00 per square foot depending on the type of sealer used and the number of coats applied.

Q. Can you clean vinyl or concrete floors?

A. Absolutely! We use cleaning agents and equipment properly suited for the surface to clean. We can seal floors with an acrylic wax or urethane finish.

This process is an excellent way of keeping your tile and stone looking new. You will be amazed at the difference once your floor has been properly cleaned. For high-use VCT or vinyl floors, such as in restaurants and offices, we recommend a pre-scheduled maintenance program to make keeping the floors in the best condition a worry-free procedure. Besides stripping and waxing the floors, we can buff the floors to help maintain their shine.

Vinyl and VCT Floors – Stripped & Waxing


Stripping and Waxing VCT floors is not as easy as some think. Multiple cleaning steps have to be performed, in a specific order, to restore these vinyl floors to a sparkeling, fresh and clean appearance. Prepping a floor properly is different for every job. Twenty coats of floor finish is typically equal to the thickness of a sheet of paper. Our clients trust Strategic’s technicians to properly strip & wax floors because they know we have the experience to get it done right the first time.

  • Determine condition of floor – How dirty it is and how many coats of floor finish exists
  • Remove all furnishings
  • Sweep and dry mop the floor
  • Choose the stripping cleaning solutions and equipment
  • Apply the stripping solution to the floor and let it sit form 10 minutes to an hour
  • Scrub the floor
  • Wet vac the floor removing the emulsified floor finish
  • Rinse the floor multiple times
  • Apply 3 to 6 coats of floor finish
  • VCT or Vinyl Composite Tile Flooring is the surface most commonly maintained by stripping and waxing.
  • Rubber or Cork floors can be protected using specialized finishes
  • Most other vinyl surfaces like LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) typically should not be waxed

Most contractors use floor stripping products that are not odorless, so

  • communication with the occupants
  • the proper choice of stripping solutions
  • proper machinery can make a big difference.

Most often you need to strip & wax floors in hallways, food service areas, bathrooms, classrooms, showrooms and service centers. If these floors are maintained properly they can help add to a healthy, germ free environment. Call Elite Management Janitorial Services today for your Free estimate. (215) 558-5252

Depending on the type of floor that the commercial area is fitted with, a different approach may be needed. Furthermore, different type of floors, such as natural stone, tiles, cork and rubber, require a special sealing and finish process. A sealer is a type of coating that will protect the flooring from stains, contaminants, and other types of grime. The sealing process does not only provide an extra layer of protection but also enhances the overall quality of the waxing process. Depending on the type of floor, up to 5 coats of wax may be applied for the best results.

Our experienced technicians are always ready to take on even the most demanding jobs, always working by the highest cleaning standards and under the guidance of the floor manufacturers.


Acrylic Finish

  • Is less expensive and less durable than polyurethane
  • Will shows signs of wear after a short period of time
  • Requires maintenance more often
  • Requires a special chemical stripper in order to be removed

Polyurethane Finish

  • Is more durable (up to five years if maintained correctly)
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Can be removed without chemical substances
  • Is recommended by most floor manufacturers

Post Construction Clean-up

Why Your Job site Needs Professional Post Construction Cleaning Services

Large construction sites are full of mud, dust, and debris when a project is ongoing. But as soon as the project gets completed, it becomes essential to change this environment. During that time, professional post construction cleaning services, instead of construction crew members, should be hired to do the work.
Below are a few major reasons why your job site needs a professional post construction cleaning services Broward.

Post construction cleaners won’t feel that they are being asked to do something else

This is another major reason to hire a professional post construction cleaning company instead of assigning this work to your own workers. Your construction contractors agreed for building things, not to clean the surroundings in detail and they will resent being repurposed. Dissatisfied workers never do a quality job. When a professional post construction cleaning service provider is assigned the task of cleaning the job site, they will have no issues with doing the cleaning that is expected from them.
An established post construction cleaning company will have the right equipment, techniques, skills, and experience to address all your construction cleaning requirements
Post construction clean up requires heavy-duty debris and dust removal that typical cleaning can’t achieve. A professional post construction cleaning team will come equipped with the right commercial-grade cleaning equipment and product to guarantee the thorough and efficient removal of dust, debris, and overspray

Move In / Move out cleaning

Cleaning of rental properties is often neglected in different situations. A tenant who moved out might have left you, the property owner, with a huge mess to clean up and thus you need the place to look neat for the next one. Maybe you are the tenant moving out and you want the place to be cleaned up so that you can collect your deposit. Or maybe you just moved into a new rental and you are not satisfied with the state of the place and you require extra cleaning. Our rental cleaning services include:
• Outside and inside cleaning of cupboards
• sweeping and washing hard surface floors
• vacuuming, mopping, and washing windows
• removing cobwebs
• cleaning mirrors
• polishing surfaces
• Trash removal
• dispose of abandoned furniture

Pressure washing – Siding, Decks, Patios, and Driveways

If you need to get a tough cleaning job done at home or office, we can handle it with our professional pressure cleaning services for you. Whether the stains are too tough for you to clean or the area is too large for you to cover on your own, JR Express Cleaning Service can come to your aid and deal with your cleaning problem effectively. No matter what your pressure cleaning need is, be sure that we have properly trained and well experienced workers to take care of tough to easy pressure cleaning jobs. Here are some of our pressures cleaning services:
• Paint striping
• Car and boat washing
• Fleet maintenance
• Graffiti removal
• Outdoor furniture cleaning
• Deck and patio cleaning
• Fence cleaning